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Wednesday - Dennis Sharpe

***I did editing on this work and thus cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found***

What can I say about Wednesday Valentine? She's had a messed up life for sure, but on the worst possible day of her short life, she meets Alvin, a man who comes to mean more to her than she'd ever realize.

Wednesday is the perfect ball of emotion and action. From anger to sorrow to joy, the reader is taken on the wildest of roller coaster rides through roughly a month of one nineteen year old girl's life, which is anything but normal.

The storyline is beautifully written, and the characters are all pretty much love 'em or hate 'em. The descriptions, scenes, and characters are all realistically done and beautifully blended into this story, so much so, that the reader will get lost in the world unfolding before them.

I would recommend Wednesday to any lover of crime adventures. Lovers of gunfights, mob-type stories, corruption, etc are going to love this book.

I hope someday Mr. Sharpe revisits Wednesday's world and lets us see how our beautiful girl turns out.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws