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Amber Passion - Allie Burke

***I was gifted this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

Amber Passion picks up where Emerald Destiny leaves off. Abby and Evan spent most of this book a bit far from their home of Jasmyn Lake. Daniel finds what his heart has looked for his entire life, and The tale of the Enchanters comes to an end in more ways than one.

This book had so many things in it that made me smile. It focused more on Abby and Daniel and on their link to each other, which brings for some funny and awkward moments. There's also some sorrow for a number of things. The story comes nicely to a close, and the reader will finally learn why the Brooks women all left the Reed men... that is until Abby and Evan.

There were enough minor errors in this work that I feel the author should have this one looked over. I'm not sure if she had a different editor doing this one than the other two, but there's more errors in this one than the first two.

As to the the bonus short "Ever", it really should have been attached to the end of Violet Midnight, since it fills in the blanks a bit of the two days when Elias and Christian watched over Jane while she recovered.

This series has claimed a piece of my heart as all those favored stories that will eventually get read again.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws