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Emerald Destiny - Allie Burke

***I was gifted this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Emerald Destiny picks up roughly fifteen years after the epilogue of Violet Midnight.  In essence, it’s not really mandatory for the reader to read Violet Midnight before reading this one. Since the story takes such a wide leap, the reader won’t get lost by reading this alone, though to understand the small things hinted and mentioned from book 1 it probably would be better understood if the first book was read.

Like Violet Midnight, Emerald Destiny is fast-paced; and if I’m not mistaken, a bit shorter in length than Violet Destiny.  Either way, it’s no less enjoyable.

I did find a few places where the editor could have given a little more help in how to word certain sentences, nothing major and nothing spelling wise. Just a couple of spots where I had to re-read to understand what the author was trying to make me see.

Emerald Destiny will definitely bring out the emotion factor, which in my book makes it a bit better than Violet Midnight, since by this book the reader is familiar with the key characters and things are seen in whole new lights.

I look forward to reading Amber Passion, the final book in this trilogy.  This trilogy has ignited my love to read, which as many avid readers know tends to fade if you hit a book that isn’t that good. Thankfully this trilogy is amazing.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws