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Russian Roulette by Jennifer Martinez

I will begin by saying that I pretty love everything Jennifer Martinez writes.

The Brooklyn Case Files is very different than the previous works I've read by Jennifer. It has no paranormal or fantasy qualities; in fact, it's pretty much like reading an episode of Law and Order of Cold Case, which I love!

The clincher for me is that it takes place in Brooklyn, NY which is my home town. I was a bit disappointed that aside from the title and the vague mentions of the word Brooklyn, it isn't known that it's Brooklyn. Some familiar parts or streets named would make the fact that it's that part New york more evident and please the Brooklyn dwelling fans.

The story follows three people, Detective Steven Michaels who is on a case concerning the Russian Mob, Amy Roberts who is a college student that may as well be invisible as far as the world is concerned, and a young man who remains nameless through most of the story that works for the Russians.

Since this is a serial, the fast pace of the book doesn't come as a surprise for the reader, since it's a short, and part of a series. Think of it as an episode to a crime drama.

I did find a number of editing errors that while not major, should be looked at nonetheless.

All in all I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next episode of the serial.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws