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Journey: The Beginning (A Prequel to the Secrets Saga) - Angee Taylor

*I received this book from the Author in exchange for an Honest Review*

This is an amazing companion to the series. In this book the reader will learn all about Rose’s origins. Cornte, Aj, and Caleb stop by and say hi too and the reader sees how they all met and all the things that happened in between.
This is definitely a treat that will answer a lot of questions that were spoken about in reviews and such for Hidden and Deadly. For the newbie fans like myself, this is a wonderful introduction to the series that has me itching to find time to start this series.
Angee has a way with words that definitely grips the reader and when this book ends, if the reader hasn’t read Hidden Secrets and Deadly Secrets, they will most assuredly want to.
For those like me, that can zero in on the smallest of errors, they’re being handled and even now a revised edition of the book should be uploaded or about to be with a brand new cover!
I give this book 5 of 5 paws and look forward to reading the series that prompted this short

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