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First Boy - Dennis Sharpe This is a short story so my review will be short so as not to give anything away.
First boy will chill the blood of just about anyone. The story is definitely sure to be a campfire favorite once it gets around a little more.
I would love to see perhaps a prequel short of "Father's" origin as I'm almost sure that story would top the creep o'meter more than First Boy does.
I found no errors in grammar or formatting. As usual Dennis' work is painsaking flawless. Kudos to your editor and yourself Sir!
All in all for a piece of flash fiction it contains only one "loophole" at the end that I'm sure will be dealt with when another story starring "Father" is written, keep that in mind before you scream in aggrivation at the end lol

For originality and the fact that I'll be checking the shadows in my house tonight..I give this short 5 of 5 paws