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Awakened (Few Are Angels, #2) - Inger Iversen Awakened picks up right where Few Are Angels ended. This one however starts with Helene having a vision of the events that happened to Ella.
I liked this book better than the first one. That in itself is a rarity. Where Few Are Angels was solely Ella's point of view, Awakened has multiple points of view. This of course gives the reader a better understanding of the events unfolding without there being many holes.
Other than the point of view and the missing quotes at the start of each chapter, the writing style is very much the same as it was in Few Are Angels. This writing style is good for younger readers (roughly in the mid teens) and still holds that Stephanie Meyers feel to it.
I feel the characters are bit more differentiated in this book as well. They've each evolved a bit since book one and their defining qualities stand out better.
Ella's situation is now a dire one. Alex, Mia, Kale, and Jace are risking hell to fix the situation but of course everything is working against them from the Council, to the Chory, and even the local police department.
The lines of good and bad blur badly in this story and you're left feeling much like Jace for awhile and he struggles to understand why his father is sounding a lot like Laurent when it comes to the Arc.
This book's ending comes as even more of a shocking surprise than the end of the first book.
I give this book 5 of 5