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Faded (Rock Star, #2) - Mercy Amare Faded picks up exactly one week after Jaded ends.. Not that anything happened in the missing week. Scarlett quickly runs through the events that had her leave Hope and return to L.A but she's miserable there. Her miseray doesn't last long though and it's not long before the quirky misunderstood rock star is right back to her old self.
The copy of Faded I have is an unedited, uncorrected ARC and I have to admit that I'm quite impressed with the fact that while obviously it needs a little tweaking to be perfect, there are not that many errors in it at all. Cudos for Mercy!
It took me much less time to read this one than it did Jaded and I'm almost positive that any fan will fly through this book too and then silently swear when they reach the end...well, At least that's what I did!
Faded definitely flows in sync with Jaded, unlike most series where the reader watches the writing style either get better (however in most cases the other books are nowhere near as good as the first) that isn't a worry with The Rock Star Trilogy. The writing style is consistant and the reader rest assured that they can finished Jaded and pick up Faded without a worry that Scarlett's thoughts won't seem right anymore.
There is on hell of a surprise at the end of this one that will absolutely blog the reader's mind but it's worth it and it totally keeps the reader craving the final installment.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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