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Travis (Buffalo Rocker Series, #1) - N. Kuhn As always N Kuhn weaves a tale that grips the reader from start to finish.
Travis is bad boy musician who hits rock bottom and loses everything. Drugs and alcohol are no stranger in the music business and Travis was pretty much every celebrity any of us know.
This story has a lot of moments that will make the reader angry, and even more that will make the reader want to cry. This is an amazingly told story and I cannot wait to read the next one.
There are quite a few errors in it, but on Ms Kuhn's tight schedule they were probably just over looked. None of them will impede reading but they are there and are noticeable. I would suggest having Ms. White do another sweep of it though just to combat any nay sayers who would rate based on them instead of the story itself.
I always look forward to reading Ms. Kuhn's books because even if there are errors, the story is so vibrant and alive that it pulls me right in. Travis has done this and for this and the powerful message it delivers,
I give this book 4 of 5 paws.