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Our Souls to Keep (Our Souls to Keep, #1) - Gary A. Caruso This is definitely different than other supernatural, heaven vs hell stories I've read. This book doesn't happen from the pov of view of a good guy, it happens from the pov from a demon hybrid named Wake. Wake is a soul collector. To live he must feed on the on the souls of those who die. He collects the souls for Satan. What makes his job so difficult, is the souls he collects must come from people that have committed suicide.
I spotted a handful of small errors in the work. Nothing major, just a few overlooked things. I was impressed that the author did his research on the different kinds of demons, including the different names for males and females. The painted a very vivid image of what hell looks like that will have the reader see it clearly, the reader may even be able to smell the sulfur that permeates the air if they let themselves that far into it.
Being what Wake is, I enjoyed seeing how he tried to manage his demon self and his human self.
I did spot a couple of small wording errors... For instance, the plural os Cactus is Cacti. But the errors aren't major and there was literally only a couple.
This story is fast paced and will have the reader on the edge of their seat. There are parts that will make the reader smile, as well as parts that will make the reader tear up.
I look forward to seeing what else this author comes up with.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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