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the ghost catcher - K.C. Sprayberry I was handed an ARC in exchanged for an honest review. Because this is an ARC I will speak nothing of any errors I may have found within this work.
This had to be the cutest piece of flash fiction I’ve ever read. It sounds like the end of a serious and I do hope K.C. will expand on it with other shorts about how the Ghosties met the other ghosts and perhaps a story for Limbo as well.
I was absolutely brought to think about the Ghostbusters while I read this. Only instead of it being four adult guys, it’s a ragtag group of teenagers ranging in age from seventeen to twenty.
The story is the perfect campfire read and very child friendly. Anyone from about age eight and up will love this story if they like ghost stories.
For it’s cute nature and interesting lesson that every adult should pay mind to..
I give this book 4 of 5 paws