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The Keeper and the Rune Stone (The Black Ledge Series, #1) - Paige W. Pendleton,  Thomas Block This is an adorable tale of good vs evil, friendship, trust, and hope.
The story is ideal for anyone of really any age to read so long as they still believe in the magic of the realm.
The violence in the story is very mild, and I think even elementary aged children will enjoy the story's quirky talking animals.
Elenore proves herself a very good heroine for this story, but to me, I saw little Flora being an amazing heroine in her own right. When most eight year olds would have been afraid, she was quite strong. She reminded me very much of my own six year old, who like Flora, runs around with a stunny bunny rabbit.
The story teaches acceptance, forgiveness, and a definite right and wrong moral as well.
I found no errors in this work which was an added plus and I look forward to reading book two "The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice".
I give this book 4 of 5 paws