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Back to War (The Corps Justice Series, #1)

Back to War (The Corps Justice Series, #1) - C.G. Cooper I want to begin by saying. I am glad I'm a member of i Love eBooks ARC. If it hadn't been for them, I would never have found C.G.Cooper or his books. I normally don't read "modern" themed books (unless they'reparanormal) but since I'd joined the ARC I find myself reading all kinds of books I normally wouldn't.
Even as I dislike military and modern novels, I promise my review is non discriminitory, and very honest.
I love the format of this book. I'm a huge fan of screenplays and absolutely enjoyed the movie-esque feel while reading this.
This book starts with violence. It's written so vividly you can see it, you can feel each wound inflicted on the fighters, you can smell the blood. C..G definitely has a way with the written word, so much so you get lost in the world he's created right away.
(I could have done without the image of gauged our eyeballs though lol)
I also liked how the military slang terms (for instance, "Gunny") had the actual names in parenthesis for those of the civilian type.
The story line was well thought out. It's clear C.G.Cooper did his homework when it comes to how the Marine branch of the Military is run. I can see Cal as every bit the calculated weapon he was trained to be. Even while Incapacitated he knew there would be trouble and insisted on being prepared for anything.
The book and more than likely the entire series was written with a military mind. Of that I have no doubt. I honestly believe this book would make a great action movie. One to rival Jason Bourne in it's detail and plot line.
The only gripe with the novel, are the flashback stories they aren't bad, quite the opposite actually. I wish it wasn't so short. Maybe Mr. Cooper will consider lengthening them into little novellas as he did with God-Speed.
Cal's history is quite interesting. The way he strove to avenge his parents and uphold everything his father had made SSI into is amazing. MSgt Trent's backstory is very relatable to anyone that grew up in the hood. Ghettos are a nightmare regardless of your size. I really liked his back story a lot.
I also think I'm not the only one who would enjoy seeing a short story as to how Dante got himself all twisted into what he was made to be.
The action scenes are well thought out. So much so I was able to picture the darts and the confusion. This book was beautifully written.
Although a little slow to start since this isn't my normal genre to read.. I did enjoy the story very much. I give Back to War 4 of 5