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Fox and Rabbit's Garden

Fox and Rabbit's Garden - Laurel Heger,  Monette Pagan Since this a children’s book. I thought I’d let my Junior Reviewer Gallataea tell us her thoughts on the book.
“I liked this book.I liked that even though they shouldn’t like each other, they co operated (this is her favorite word of the week apparently) and made stew together.” - Gallataea, age 6

Okay now here are my thoughts on this book.
I think this is quite possibly the cutest children’s book I’ve seen in awhile. The illustrations are very nicely done. Not too bright to distract from the story, but enough to attract the child to the book. The story is written in rhyme. Which helps the beginner reader with word association and makes the story fun. The words are simple enough so not to give the reader any issues with how to say them, and the rhyming will bring joy to all the small children who hear it.
I personally hope Fox and Rabbit have many more adventures together as their friendship and love of Rabbit-less Stew grows.
I give this book 5 of 5