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Helga Returns (James and Syvok Adventure #2)

Helga Returns (James and Syvok Adventure #2) - Wendy Nystrom Taea (Age 6) will start our review as usual. "I liked this one better than the first one. I want to go to Iceland one day to see the places in the stories."

Okay now that Taea had her small but very nice say in it, it's my turn lol! This story seems longer than James Saves the Moon. I found it a bit more enjoyable as well. James and Syvok can never seem to keep themselves out of trouble and this time was almost bad. But they made a new friend to share their adventures with. Being a children's book, I let the lack of contractions slide since children normally don't learn about those till second or third grade (I think) and not using them makes it a bit easier for the children to read the story. As with first book, this one too names places in Iceland and weaves another piece of their legendary lore into a memorable story. Wendy has made fans out of my children and they eagerly await to hear book 3.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws