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Reading The Dead (The Sarah Milton Chronicles, #1)

Reading The Dead (The Sarah Milton Chronicles, #1) - J.B. Cameron I loved how this book starts. The imagines put into your head are very vivid and cause your imagination to rampage. Sarah is an outcast, I'm sure there's more than just myself that can relate to the need and security of an imaginary friend when you grow up with little to no friends.
This book is amazingly written with just enough detail to bring everything almost painfully to live without it being too much as to bore the reader. The relationship between Sarah and her father is almost non existant, as he has labeled her just as the kids her own have due to Anna.
Due to events, Sarah decides to go into law enforcement which widens the gap between her and her father even more. Her partner will make the reader smile and wonder who the hell the woman is a cop or why she'd even bother being one.
Sarah reminds me of the chick from Cold Case, she never gives up on a case even when everyone else has. She definitely a strong minded character who was beautifully created.
I absolutely love a good detective murder mystery and this is it right here. Any reader who likes James Patterson or watches Law & Order anything will appreciate this book. Those who like Cold Case will appreaciate the paranormal aspects.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws