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The Crimson Clan (Destiny Phoenix, #1) - David R. Bennett So I decided after the author took my review into account, and made the changes I suggested, to re-read it and re-review it.
It reads a lot better now. I was given the honor of re-editing the book so I'm not sure if I caught all the errors but I caught most of them if not all of them.
The story is still a great story, and with the revisions made it flows a lot better now. There's no hiccups in it now, and the reader will fall into the story a lot easier.
Destiny still remains one of the most interesting heroines I have ever read about. The story will still mainly appeal to the lovers of young adult and paranormal, but I think readers as young as 13 or 14 will enjoy it as well as any adults that enjoy the young adult genre will.
The story is engaging and full of action. The ending will leave the reader curious to know what happens next.
With how well it flows now, I'm gladly forced to change my rating and look forward to tackling book 2.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws