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Beyond the Sun (Dark Order of the Dragon, #1)

Beyond the Sun (Dark Order of the Dragon, #1) - Sandra Bischoff This book kicks off with action. There's no sugar coating from this author, fangs, guns, daggers, and death greet you from page one. Jade is our main character, driven by what I can only think is revenge. He hates vampires, and yet hes has some for friends, quite a conundrum! The other sub main character is Alex, a reporter who doesn't believe a word of the story her boss told her about Jared and is pissed that she's been sent on the story.
This author did her work when it came to this book, from how vampires function to Jared's training style it's all precise and correct. On a side note, the sword breakers under the chapter headers are epic!
This book will keep the reader on its toes, especially once Absinthe is introduced to the mix. That's one princess with an attitude the reader will love to hate.
I have to say the writing style is very good. Either this author knows her stuff or her editor is that good. I found not one error in the work and even as a pdf it's set up beautifully. The type is formatted perfectly and thus the story just runs in a continual flow as it should.
I love how the events of the story flow and come together in a very believable way. From love to betrayal to outright murder everything makes sense. The reader knows why everything happens and while some things may not be agreed with it's understood on why it happens as it does.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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