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Paint Me Beautiful: a Tale of Anorexia, a Love Story, and the Rebirth of Claire Simone: 1 (A Duet)

Paint Me Beautiful - C.M. Stunich This story is bound to piss a LOT of people off. It will piss off a lot of the Claire's and Marlena's of the world... But... It should still be read. So both sides can understand and learn.
Throughout the story, Claire gives glimpses of how she ends up, she doesn't want to end up that way, but she's spiraled so far it's inevitable. I honestly think if it wasn't for Emmett, she'd have been lost months before.
There are a few minor errors that I spotted, they are nothing drastic.
The story will put a whole array in emotions, questions, and doubts in the reader's head which is absolutely why this story needs to reach as far it can.
I honestly believe this book would do wonders in clinics and hospitals around the world. I know the next print copy I purchase will be donate somewhere where it can help someone.
I encourage you, even if this type of book isn't your cup of tea, read it anyway, what you learn from it may end up helping you save a loved one's life someday.
Thank you to all the Emmett Sinclairs of the world, and thank you to CM Stunich for telling the story of millions of people in the world that need people to know that are beautiful just the way they are.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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S.Cu'Anam Policar