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Hellhound Twisted - Karen Swart Wow... Just WOW! Hellhound Twisted picks up right where Hellhound Awakened left off.. The reader and easily finished Awakened and pick up Twisted without losing a beat. Even if, like myself, some time has passed since you read Awakened, slipping back into Kasadya's life takes nothing. As with Awakened, so to with Twisted, the reader is sucked quickly into the book. The reader will while understanding Kas' hurt and pain, will fully understand Chax's anger at her as well. Kas learned nothing while in hell except how to be more independant. Because of those two years, she's forgotten that she can not take on the world all alone even though she tries. When the plot of this part of the series comes into play, instead of going to Chax or any of the other Custos, Kas once again does not use her head.

There are a lot more characters brought into play in this one than in the last, and the emotions of the story are a lot stronger in this one. I will admit I almost cried more than once while reading this.

I found a handful of small, easily missed word switches but nothing major enough to impede the reader's flow.

Karen has woven this part of the series a lot better than she had Awakened and the reader will find it almost impossible to be destracted until the book is completed.

I was a little ticked about the ending.. but it's a good kind of ticked. The way this book ends will have the reader scream in frustration, go a little insane, and pace around like a caged animal while waiting for Hellhound Born to release.

Kudos Karen, you've written something I seem to be unable to get enough of >^.^<

I give this book 5 of 5 paws