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Waffles and Pancakes; A Lesson in Bullying - Cindy Springsteen This is a Libboo Copy. I do not have an Amazon or B&N or even a print copy of this book. Recieved this copy through Libboo and thus any errors found are in reference to THIS edition only.

As always, with children's books we start with Junior Reviewer Gallataea (Age 6)
"I liked this book. My mom says it's always better to get animals in pairs so they never have to be lonely when their humans are too busy to play with them. Oscar learned a real good lesson and I hope he remembers it the next time he sees Waffles and Pancakes."

My Thoughts
There is a section where a line repeats itself, but I assume that's simply because I have a copy from Libboo and there's a libboo page in the middle of the pages the repeat is on.
I also spied a page with the words overlapping the illustrations making it difficult to read but again that's probably just due the copy I have. I really with I had a normal ecopy of this x.X

Anyway the story itself is a good one. It shows children how verbal bullying.. or being picked on.. Affects the people it's done to. It's definitely a life lesson every child should learn along with other forms of bullying.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws