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Days Gone Bad - Eric R. Asher Okay I have to give Eric credit where it’s due. This book is amazing.
The opening lines grip you and while you tell yourself “I’m not supposed to be reading this yet” you find yourself unable to stop reading it.
I’d be quite interested in a prequel to this even if just a novella to explain how Damian and Sam got to where they are at the start of this book. It’s a bit
confusing in that area. I have to admit at the moment, Cara is my favorite character. That’s one faery you don’t want to cross paths with! And I have no idea what Cu Sith is but I want one!
I’d personally love to read about Zola’s past adventures as well.
The characters are so unique and interesting you can’t help but to want to know more about all of them.
Eric obviously put in a lot of effort to research the myths and legends of the Sidhe, Seelie and Unseelie for this book and it shows immensely. Everything from Foster’s and Cara’s abilities down to the use of the Triquetra (Celtic knot) are almost flawless.
I also enjoyed the integration of the old gods, with the vampires and Fae. As well as the new breed of “oh dear gods” I came across around Chapter 9 or so.
While the story is serious, you won’t miss the humorous undertones in Damian’s demeanor, or in the comical things that happen in the shop.
All in all.. This book is great. I’d love to see a couple of prequels on Damian, Sam, and Zola at some point, and absolutely look forward to seeing more from this creative writer.
I give this book 5 of 5