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A Turn of Curses - Melanie Nilles This was an amazing story. I read it months ago before I started blogging or even knew what blogging was. It's haunted me ever since though since I never reviewed it once I did start blogging lol.
The story centers around a nineteen year old girl named Selina whose only mission in life to heal with the special gift she was born with. However each healing she offers brings her closer to death, which is noted by the marking on her neck. Each time she heals the marking magically adds to itself until it encircles her neck and she dies.
On this healing expedition she has to travel really far to heal the king of a neighboring kingdom. Despite being told not to go because the trek is dangerous, she knows she will die soon and it may be her only chance to have some adventure in her short life.
She meets Faldon he's a shape shifter under a curse. He was once the leader of the Feyquin which are magical horses, the exact opposite of the well known Nitemares of many myths and lore. Faldon wants nothing more than to find the demon that cursed him and the human who shares his curse in the reverse fashion.
He despises humans but something about Selina draws him to her and while they're friendship is rocky it's also strong.
I found not one error in novella, so kudos to the editor!
I absolutely loved this story. I without a doubt teared up at the end of it, my heart breaking for Faldon and Selina.
I only wish this author had written a sequel so I could see what became of Faldon and the Feyquin, or even a prequel to learn more about Selina's life before this last trek.
This is a great story and I think many people will love.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws and apologize for the long delay in my review