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The Approach (Wunder #1) - A.R. Von Being this is such a short story, little more than a piece of flash fiction, my review obviously won’t be that long.This is the story of Wunder, the girl who was born one quarter zombie due to her mother being bitten a few hours before she was born.

For a story as short as this is, you’re gripped from the first line and easily slide out of the comfort and reality of the real world into the albeit short but terrifying world Wunder was born into. This story is very well written, the images that will pop into the reader’s head are vivid and nightmarish.

Though the story takes a very interesting twist I was a bit disappointed at the seemingly jumps in time, which of course is only due to the story being a short. I do look forward to the next installment of Wunder’s tale.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws