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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins The Hunger Games is a fascinating read, even if the concept of a corrupt government abusing it's control over its citizens has been done in similar ways before, this book is certainly the most detailed and memorable one of the lot.
Katniss is a warrior even if she refuses to acknowledge this fact in herself. She has qualities most of the other tributes lack, her compassion being the biggest difference there is.
The things the tributes have to endure and do are horrifying in our world. None of can imagine the fear and heartache of having to pit our children against each other to the death for the amusement of a bunch snobbish rich people.
Personally I think Katniss teaming up with Rue was a good thing. And regardless of the reasoning behind it, it was very strategic on both their parts. Both girls can move quickly and silently, and both accompany each other nicely in terms of food.
The Careers' trap is simple ingenious really. what better way to eliminate the competition? They however didn't factor in how cunning Katniss is, too bad for them really.
Katniss' closeness to the little girl Rue really made me cry. In my opinion a child that young should no way have been forced to compete with kids much bigger than she was. I like and respect Katniss for how she not only friended the little girl but honored her as well.
The gesture in District 11, when they gave Katniss the loaf of fresh bread after what she'd done for Rue doesn't go unnoticed by Katniss, and certainly by the reader either. I assure you my heart broke a second time in that small gesture of gratitude from the struggling district.
I'm unsure how believable Peeta still being alive when Katniss finds him is. Then again, like the tributes, the reader loses track of the days as well. What seemed like two or three weeks of events could very well have only been a few days.
Katniss overcoming her fears and distaste for playing the role of healer is remarkable, though I don't understand how Peeta had received no gifts from the sponsors while Katniss did.
Peeta and Katniss play the role of lovers almost flawlessly, though how Katniss can still think that Peeta is playing a role is beyond me.
I was sad at Foxface's fate. That girl was truly as clever as a fox. I think the biggest shocker for me were the Muttations. That totally blew me away and broke my heart all at the same time!
The last few chapters of the book were totally new for me. I've seen the movie and these chapters were surprisingly absent from the film. I look forward to getting my hands on book two
I give this book 5 of 5