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Blood & Spirits - Dennis Sharpe What can I say about this book that people who has had the pleasure of reading it haven't already said?
This story is just as amazing as the trailer it has for it if not more so. The narration and characters are vibrant and almost instantly come alive while the story's read.
Veronica has been through so much crap her entire life, and even after she meets Jules and he turns her, one would think her troubles would all be over. Not exactly. If anything in the times Jules turned her and then seemingly abandoned her everyone and their mother decides she needs to die.
The result? A fast paced Thriller with a paranormal twist in this first of The Coming Storm series by Dennis Sharpe.
This is the third book by Dennis I've had the honor of being asked to review, this is however the first full length novel of his I've read.
Aside from a handful of minor errors here and there, this story is impeccably written and definitely well thought out.
Dennis brings his almost signature style and flare to another masterpiece that will run an array of emotion through the reader.
It amazes me how easily Dennis created Veronica, a woman of deep conflicting emotion, and a kick ass attitude. One almost forgets she was forgets she was created by a man lol!
There will be times of sorrow and many times of chuckles. This is definitely a book a reader will not regret picking up.
I am a little miffed at the abrupt ending, I'm not a lover of the all mighty cliffhanger so Mr. Sharpe will hopefully have book 2 out soon.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws