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Shattered Grace (Fallen from Grace, #1) - K. Anne Raines I put off starting this book for a few days. Something inside me told that to start this book would be hard on me. And it was. This story is wonderfully written. So much so that as soon as you read the first line, you are in tune to Grace and her emotions. As many book lovers can attest, the greatest books are the ones that transform the reader into the main character. K Anne Raine has managed to do just that in this book.
Grace is seemingly like any other girl her age, which is a good thing. Too many authors take a teenager and write their roles as if they were adults so their mannerisms are all wrong. But Grace is exactly where she should be at her age. Quentin is a bit more complex than most others of his unique brand of being. He's definitely more human than I've encountered before. I can related well with Grace having grown up much the way she did. Where she cries for her grandfather, for me it was my grandmother.
I am still amazed at how well the characters are written. There was so much put into Grace that one can not help but "be" her while they read her story.You can feel every doubt, fear, worry that flows through the character as if it were your own. You smile at her high points, get choked up at her low points. You probably end up wanting to slap Quentin more than Grace does at time, and of course you absolutely fall in love him as well.
I have mixed feelings about Amanda though. Though her role in the story is very small, she does leave an imprint on the reader. I for one see Amanda as being Grace's polar opposite and can not for the life of me understand why she's that disturbed girl's friend! At the same time I can relate and understand too.. I had several Amanda's as friends growing up.
I like how Zeke is your typical boy in like. Darius I haven't figured out yet though.
Also, a big plus on K Anne's part for knowing what Melatonin is! It's a gods send in my house for restless children lol!
With completing the book I found myself a bit depressed since the second one isn't out yet.. I'll definitely be looking for it.
All in all this book is beautifully written and I can't wait to get my hands on the second book.
I give this book 5 out 5 stars... Get yourselves a copy and step into the world of Grace Morgan >^.^<