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Element, Part 1 - C.M. Doporto

This story centers around Natalie, a girl with the ambition to be a great scientist in Kromberg Laboratories, hoping the internship she was granted for the summer will be her foot in the door so to speak. Throughout the story there's repeated mentioning of Vitamins and Supplements that Natalie has been guinea pigging for the company which have toned up her body amazingly and made her work out sessions less straining on her.
Strange things start to happen when she runs into an old friend from highschool named Ryan. The two have an unusual affect on each other for seemingly no reason.The story would be a great read for anyone who enjoys young adult romance. However, those of the more paranormal nature, will find this book lacking in the paranormal department until about charpter 6 or 7. Keep in mind this book only has 8 chapters total.
If I had written this, I would have waited for Element part 2 to be completed and then simply merged the two novellas into one novel to give the reader a better experience with the story as a whole.
I still look forward to reading Element Part 2 since it picks up where this one leaves off and I already know since the paranormal elements come into play at the end of this one that they will be there in force in the second one.
New Readers, I urge you not to stop reading this series simply because this part didn't live up to your standards, pick up a copy of Part 2 and see how the story plays out, you may get surprised.
I give this book 3 of 5 paws