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Forsaken (Daughters of the Sea, #1) - Kristen Day

This was an amazing book. Absolutely amazing! I've been waiting what seems forever to read this, and I'm glad I finally got the chance to.
The story follows an orphaned girl named Hannah, who's had one hell of life until now, but has an even treacherous future ahead of her. Leaving everything she has ever known behind, she gets the chance to start all over. What starts out as an life do over quickly turns into a destiny most people would kill for..Literally.
I only found one errors in the whole book, a few chapters ended with a blank page between the next chapter, other than that it was beautifully formatted.
I particularly loved how the story focused on the Nereids of Mythology. I really look forward Awaken which I just got recently.
The love story that's woven into this is very sweet, even if Finn is the epitamy of dark and mysterious. I love how he is with Hannah, though I'm hoping in future books I can learn more about him and why he has two traces instead of just one. I have my theories but it's really just a wait and see thing right now x.x
I give this book 5 of 5 paws.