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Catskinner's Book: The Book Of Lost Doors: 1 - Mr. Misha Burnett

This is definitely one of the stranger books I've read. It's gripping from the first page.
You first meet James who seems to be your everyday nutjob with an alter ego named Catskinner that loves nothing more than the thrill of the kill.
He works in a faux electronic store for a man named Vincent who for whatever the case may be, Vincent lives like a snowman in perpetual cold climates.
This book is VERY descriptive. You get lost easily within the spine of this wonderful story and quickly lose track of not only time but the fact that you yourself are not a part of the story.
I swear my husband tried to talk to me and I he was just muffled voice in the distance I was that lost!
Since my copy is print I don't get to read it much. I'd let the husband read it before me and asked him all kinds of questions (trying to know what happens before I read that far) but he refused the spill the beans.
I was quite intrigued during the mass amount of time James/Catskinner stood staring at the wall.
This book is full of action and quirky quotes. It will definitely keep you wanting more.
Catskinner's book is a genre of its own fitting into neither of the genres it's tagged for.
If you like amazingly detailed fight scenes and the strange and unusual, this book is for you.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


Reviewed by Cu'Anam Wolfspirit
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