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Love's Second Chance - L.P. Dover ***I will begin with my usual warning... I am not a fan of Romance.. and even less of Descriptive Romance or Erotica. That said I give my word that regardless of my personal preference I will not rob this book of an honest review***
This story starts out sad. I have to admit I got choked up as I read the prologue. This author clearly knows her craft as she weaves Kori's heartbreak and fears into the reader with the very first sentence.
I enjoyed the split point of view, as the story bounced between Korinne and Galen. I feel multiple points of view in a story narrow the chance of a gap or loop hole within the weave of the story.
As far as love stories go, this one is definitely better than most I've read. It doesn't have a forced feel to it. The writing flows at a steady pace allowing the reader to sink into the depths of the story.
The whole story feels real. The reader can relate to the events happening. When Jenna and Kori talk to each other on the phone the excitement between them pulses so much you can't help but feel it too.
The fact that Korinne and Galen can pretty much pick up where they left off (even if Korinne is trying very hard for that not to happen) warms the heart. It's not often a person runs into an old lover that actually missed and has the opportunity these two have.
I give Galen tons of credit. The man is genius using Korinne's gifts to get his way. Sure it was sneaky, but sometimes you have to be just a little sneaky to get what you want!
There is definite chemistry between the two and I'm certain that had things not happened as they did in the time before this part of their story, then this story would never have needed to be written at all.
I enjoyed reading all the ways Galen wooed Korinne. It was all very romantic and endearing.
The sex scenes are racy. Ms. Dover is a very descriptive writer and trust me when I say your five senses work over time while reading this book.
This book will have you smile, laugh, cry, and go through emotion you didn't even know existed and you watch love triumph over adversity.
I give this book 4 of 5

Reviewed by Cu'Anam Wolfspirit
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