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Ethan's Story; My Life With Autism - Ethan Rice

First I'd like to explain a few things to you my loyal fans. I've wanted to read this story since I first about it on the Lil Anchor's facebook page. More importantly I wanted my six year old daughter to read this story. Children and Adults with Autism are often treated harshly, looked at strange. or made fun of. This is due in large to parents not teaching their children about the disorder. I'll admit myself I know very little about Autism but I teach my children to love everyone even if they're different. Now I'll Gallataea, my Junior Reviewer give her opinions on this story

"Ethan is kind of like me. I like to bounce around a lot too. And sometimes I have trouble staying still too. I don't understand why it's hard for Ethan to make friends. I'd be his friend if I knew him" - Gallataea

While I read this story I couldn't help thinking that Ethan is really no different than myself. Ethan's fears and hesitations are really no different than most of our own. He just reacts to them a bit more noticeably than other people do. I really do urge all of you with children, or young siblings, nieces, nephews etc to read this story to them. Children can be cruel and heartless when it comes to things they don't understand. I give Ethan so much credit for not only be a published 8 year old, but being Autistic and having the courage to tell the world how he sees the world so he can help other children like him and help other children understand. This book is wonderfully written, the illustrations are perfect for the story. This will eventually become a member of my children's bookshelf once I get a print copy. I give this book 5 of 5 paws



Reviewed by Cu'Anam Wolfspirit

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