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Savannah's Story - Jodi Stone This is the book we chose for day 2 of Childrens Book Week. Gallataea really liked Lily's Easter Bonnet so she just had to read more about Savannah >^.^<

"I liked it all. I liked the ending and I liked how Savannah got to dance on bubbles and have a tea party with her dolls" - Taea (age 6)

I think this is a cute story. The way it all rhymes will keep young readers enthralled and help them better understand the story as well as learn some new words. Little girls especially will enjoy going on all of Savannah's adventures. Jodi Stone has a way with words that will have all children (more so girls than boys) wanting to see more of their new favorite character Savannah and hopefully Jodi will heed the call and come out with even more adventures for Savannah and her friends to go on.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws


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