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Intangible - J. Meyers If you read Intuition, the beginning of this book comes as no shock. There is one major difference between this version and the one in Intuition, aside from the difference in location, is that this time the vision is longer and in far more detail.
J.Meyers' writing flows like a sweet symphony. I wondered as I read if she's even aware of the story she's unfolded upon the masses. The story seemingly wrote itself in its fluency using Meyers as a vessal to make itself known. Intuition and Indomitable only give a mere taste, a tease of the abilities this author has.
I fell in love with the two shots.. even if I read Indomitable out of order. (for those that don't know Indomitable, Jonas' story, it technically 1.5 coming in between Intangible and Imaginable) You'll cheat yourself of the introduction to Jonas in Intangible reading it first.
Anyway, Meyers writes in a way that's rarely seen this day in age. The words flow through your mind and you soon forget that you're even reading a book as the words come alive frame by frame in your mind's eye and suddenly you're the characters.
I love how indomitable and intangible flow so well together! the same chapter from two different points of view. It was amazingly done as well! Jonas seems to be a stranger to those who read indomitable before this book. Just as Sera and Feyth were seemingly strangers to the reader even if they'd read intangible first.
That's an amazing gift few authors have. to take the same scene and make it seem all brand new. Kudos J!!

I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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