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Today Only - D. Love I will start by saying this, I don't normally read anything except Fantasy and Paranormal unless a friend asks me to check out their book and I'm amazed every time I agree simply cause the stories are amazing. A friend of mine who is also friends with D. said "Cu.. you HAVE to read this book! I know it's not something you'd normally read but you just have to." They went so far as to gift my broke behind a copy of it. I don't regret agreeing to help out and R2R this book. I was hooked from the very first sentence. Though in hindsight, a warning to have some tissues near by would have been nice.

This is a very emotional book. From the very beginning the reader slides effortlessly between Jett's and Rye's narations. While you feel THEIR emotions, you also pick up clearly on Dee and little Em's. Em's may be the most heart breaking of all. I admit my first tears fell while I read her notes. In my opinion this book has entirely too much of a personal feel to it to have been plucked out of thin air, and if I'm wrong in my assumption, then D. Love is a true literary genius. This story is a rare gem in a sea of stories. Only the malicious or dead of heart would think otherwise.

One good thing I can say, this story would probably have killed me from all the tears, if it weren't for the quirky little funny things laced through the pages. Whether one line, a look, a poem, or accidental meeting, they will quickly dispel the sorrow you feel and make you crack up. I loved how the stories is riddled with the names with bloggers and authors every fan of the indie world knows. How special they must all feel to be listed there! Trust me anyone who follows our world will know who every blogger is it's made quite clear and as the reader progresses and names appear, book covers and blog banners will merrily float through their heads. They did for me at any rate lol. I have to wonder if this is really how it is when they all get together..It seems a little intimidating!

This book will show you what truly matters in life...It will make you smile, and it will definitely make you cry.

I've seen the kind heart and soul D.Love has first hand, even with the simplicity of gifting someone a book with the advice to "Pay it forward when you can".

I see the sorrow in her eyes in every picture she posts of herself. If this book is any indictation of things she herself has gone through in her life, then all I can say is I HAVE seen beauty..I saw it in D.Love and this amazing book

For all the emotions and the message this story brings, I give this book 5 of 5 paws

I end this review with a question for you all...

What is beautiful in your world today?


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