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Colonization - Aubrie Dionne This is the first true Science Fiction book I've bothered to read in a long time. I mean sci-fi with people and "exotic" animals living on a space station/ship and everything. Here you meet Andromeda, a 17 year who's great grandmother keeps insisting will do great things. You also meet Sirius, Andromeda's best friend who is constantly dragging her off to places on the ship they have no business being in.

In the first few chapters Andromeda comes off as the spoiled brat everyone naturally assumes she is. Especially with how she feels about the major changes happening in her life as well as her life assignment. I was very happy to see her suck it up and realize there was little else she could do except accept her circumstances.

The further into the story you go the more interesting it becomes. Paradise 21 is strange place with even stranger inhabitants.

This book will appeal to anyone who likes the YA genre.. it being a sci fi story shouldn't even really factor in to the reader since the main point message of the story is to tell you to trust in yourself and your gut... Even if the whole world (or in this case ship) thinks you're crazy.

I absolutely loved this book. The writing style is very good. And considering my copy is an unedited arc, there were minimal errors that I could see. This author has woven a tale that will truly make the reader sit and think about everything they think they know.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws and look forward to Reconnaissance.


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