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Jaguar Sun (Jaguar Sun, #1) - Martha Bourke This story is definitely interesting. Maya is Mayan, whose grandmother holds very dear the ancient ways of their people. She tells Maya a few certain things (I won't ruin the story for you) and Maya pretty much flips out over what she's told. Though I suppose if I were in her situation I'd probably freak out too even if it wasn't as uncommon in the story as it is in the real world.

I quite enjoyed Maya's narritive, though she "talked" in the narration as if she weren't exactly seventeen (she gave the aire of a fifteen year old), her little quips are very funny and there were many many moments when I'd crack a smile or burst out with a laugh while I read.

It's very easy to slide into Maya's world. You easily get lost in the characters and backdrop.

The Mayan culture is woven through out this story in amazing ways. Even while the reader enjoys the detailed adventure Maya and the others embark on, so much is learned about the lore and beliefs of the people.

I truly enjoyed the book and look forward to getting the second so I can continue the story to see what happens next.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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