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Trail of Bones - Chris  Salisbury This is absolutely my kind of book! High Fantasy is my one weakness.. throw in some wolves I'm puddy. But write a high fantasy book centered around wolves, and I'm in love!
This book is absolutely amazing. I fell in love with first chapter. The elf that resembles a dwarf more than his kin, the dark skinned barbarian chief explaining life lessons to his son, the harmony of a pack of shade wolves, it was love at first word.
This book put me in the mind of R.A.Salvatore. This author had to have to had him as an inspiration for his writing style. It's very simliar to the master of high fantasy. The dscriptions are fabulous. The reader will definitely be whisked away on an adventure they won't soon forget and will be sad to see end.
The array of characters the reader will meet in this book are amazing. From the Shade Wolves, to the Giant Panthers, to the Ghast Gorillas, Barbarians, Humans, and lone elf... even the gods, each charcter is so unique and detailed they'll be remembered long after the book is closed.
I for one hope this author considers a sequel so the adventure can again. This book has definitely found a place on my re-read shelf and if you love fantasy, it'll find a place on yours as well.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws