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Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode 1 - Tigris Eden,  Ty Langston,  Alicia Pates This is a collection and as thus I can not rightly rate the whole without rating each story there in.
Lets begin..

1. Crave by Ty Langston (Chapters 1-4)
This story sets itself up beautifully. You meet Harper a journalist for the local paper who is alsoa music lover. Her boss cons her into going to a concert for an up and coming band. While that normally isn't her beat, the band itself ties into a cold case she'd worked on.
The way this story is written truly reminds me of an episode of law and order.. only with reporters instead of cops. Thankfully crime stories are right up my ally.
The twist at the end of the episode is amazing. I truly look forward to episode 2 to find out what happens next.
I give Crave 5 of 5 paws

2. The Genesis Project by Tigris Eden (Chapters 1-5)
This is definitely an interesting one. I'm not exactly sure what Vaggo is only that he isn't human. Which makes me wonder what the others in the story are as well.
This definitely a strange story where humans no longer exist replaced by something akin to alien vampires.
The story is written in the technical sense that all sci-fi lovers crave. From the strange new names of things to the different ways to travel, even the way the beings on new earth eat are futuristic.
I enjoyed following Genesis as she learned new experiences. She's so different from the others she really is an oddity and generally finds herself the center of attention.
I give this story 5 of 5


 3. The Getaway by Riley Ross (Chapters 1-3)
This story starts with the rare guy playing hard to get. This one made me smile as I was swept into the apparently drama filled lives of Michael and Juliet's lives.
The writing style for this one was simpiler than with the previous two, but with contemporary romance that's expected since well it's takes place in the here and now without any oddities.
The three chapters offered with this one however were not enough for me accurately gauge a rating.
For now, I give this one 4 of 5 and hope the second episode holds a bit more of the story for me to go on.


 The collection as a whole is a wonderful melding of paranormal, science fiction, and contemporary romance. Each author brings their own uniqueness to the table and each character is different and special in their own ways.
I urge those who would give this series a bad rating to read all the books, and complete the stories before doing so.
I give this book 4 of 5


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