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Reconnaissance - Aubrie Dionne Reconnaissance begins at the award ceremony.. However, it is not Andromeda we follow in this story it's Nova. They survived the microbes but these poor survivors from Earth can't seem to get a break. This time it's Nova that makes the discovery.
This story goes into depth about Nova's life, and even while still in the beginning, you begin to understand why she's pushed herself all those years and why she resents Andromeda so much. If the reader disliked Nova in Colonization, they'll have an annoying feeling of guilt once they start learning about miss prim and proper.
Andromeda in this story, is much different than she was in Colonization. She's no longer the love sick little girl chasing after her best friend. Now, she's more adult in her ways, especially her thinking. I was impressed with her choice of the team, especially with the fact that excluded herself and Corvus from it.
This story definitely doesn't lack in action department from the beginning there's plenty of action as Nova, Sirius, and the others face a new threat to their new colony on Paradise 21.
All in all this book was lot more action packed than Colonization. I hope Aubrie continues with the series. There's a small unresolved issue which leads me to know there will be at least one more book to follow this series if not more.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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