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The Storm Bottle - Nick   Green The start of this story is a little slow, then again as soon as you begin reading you may as well be watching a movie. I honestly believe this story could be as big as A Dolphin Tale or Nim's Island.
Anyway, it's the perfect start. Girl and her younger step brother go out on a boat with an older guy that's friends (and yes JUST friends) with the girl. before they hit open sea they spot a bottlenose dolphin, which is odd considering wild dolphins don't generally go near the shore. Bibi (the Girl) and Michael (the younger brother), dive into the water and see if they can touch the dolphin. The dolphin takes off and they chase it a bit. Bibi stops and calls for Michael to stop but he ends up in a riptide, with the help of the reappearing dolphin, Bibi gets Michael back to Hal's (the older friend's) boat. One thing the reader must always keep in mind. They're in Bermuda so you know it's about to get interesting in strange ways.
Think of this book like Freaky Firday only with Dolphins! Somehow the dolphin that helped save Michael switched bodies with Michael!
Okay from here on out there will be nothing more about the story, simply because I will not give away any spoilers. The things I commented on aren't spoilers they're in the blurb and synopsis which is what caught my interest to this book back in February when I got it, which was WAY before this review is taking place.
The way this story is written it would make an awesome movie as I stated before, if the write company and screen writers were found to tranform it to screen. This is a wonder story that people of all ages will enjoy especially if they like movies like Nim's Island.
The Bottle Storm will make you laugh as well as cry. Even if it's for younger readers, everyone will love this amazing story. Nick.. Find someone to make this a movie.. You'll be rich.
This story has a strong holding to taking care of the earth, the ocean in particular. Every year hundreds of dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals are killed due to fishing nets, harpooning, and the trash we humans leave everywhere. This story takes a slight turn. What if some of the really bad storms we thought were just mother nature or god...weren't? What if the next life taking, city destroying storm we have is really just a dolphin calling for the Dance of the Voices?
I give this book 5 of 5


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