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James Saves the Moon - Wendy Nystrom As usual with children's books we start with Junior Reviewer Gallataea (age 6) and her thoughts on the book.

"I liked all of the story. Especially when Jmes got to touch the moon. He's so lucky he got to meet a fairy and ride a dragon! Can we go to Iceland so I can meet Matthias and Syvok?"

That was pretty much said in one string of nonsense mind you lol.

Anyway, James Saves the Moon is about a little boy named James who moves from America to a little town in Iceland. The first time he sees the moon it's so big he believes if he climbs the mountain near his home, he'll be able to touch it. Along the way to the top of the mountain, he meets an Icelandic Fairy named Syvok, and the infamous blue dragon on the cover (as well as the bookplates, bookmarks, and all things Wendy), Matthias.

This was by far the cutest story I've read in awhile. It's a bit long for the really small (Micah the junior junior reviewer gave up around page 5 lol) but for kindergarteners till about third or fourth grade will enjoy this story a lot.

It's definitely a wonderful introduction into the wonderful world of the Icelandic myths and lores.

Until tomorrow my junior reviewer and I say Bless Bless to you all >^.^<

I give this book 5 of 5 stars


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