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Written in the Stars - Jennifer Martinez The prologue is set up to snag the reader right off the bat, it does it's job fairly well. The premise is pretty much can a girl who doesn't believe in fate find someone to make the things she wants become reality.

The story reads as a biography, there's very little talking between the characters. Don't let this deter you from reading it. It's an excellent story and the biography style suits it beautifully. The way this is written gives you an even deeper depth to the main character's live. Her emotions, her triumphs and struggles, they all feel that much more real as you read her life as seen primarily through her alone. The common usuage of a monoglpue between characters is by no means needed in this in this and adding it would ruin the perfection that it already is.

There are several parts in this book where I'd swear the author tapped into my experiences and took notes, those parts  I related the most with, are the ones that felt the most real to me. I'm sure other readers have and will feel the same. I also enjoyed how about half way through the book, the story was no longer just Mack's it was Coll's as well.. and here the book for each chapter is really 2 chapters, 1 chapter told through Mack's eyes, the next of the same scene is told through Coll's. And while it's the same scene it seems brand new as you see how Coll saw the situation.

I'll be the first to admit.. I cried.. like a baby.. by the end. This is truly a story of us who have suffered like Mack did will appreciate.

Many thanks to Jennifer Martines for writting the "biography" many of us are too scared to even think about and remember let alone put down on paper, even it is fiction.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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