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Professor Lightfoot's Mushroom Expedition: In Search of Woodland Treasures - Laurel Heger Junior Reviewer Taea will be up first with her thoughts

"I liked Truffles. I didn't know there so many different kinds of mushrooms!" - Gallataea (age 6)

This is a very good book. Professor Lightfoot and Truffles (which is a freat name considering Truffles are the most expensive kind of mushroom ever) take the reader on a mushrooming expedition. While they explore Professor Lightfoot explains different kinds of mushrooms and whether or not they are edible and what they look like.

This book is most definitely more aimed at older children. Younger kids may get distracted and not pay attention. Taea's rare she likes books and the more advanced they are they more she'll pay attention. The book is written from a professional angel like a professor would talk to his students, which is adorable considering who the students are meant to be.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws


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