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Hellhound Awakened (Kasadya, #1) - Karen Swart This book starts with the story of Lucifer "Star of the morning" and his fall from grace. It recounts the creation of hell and the punishments delivered upon Lucifer and his followers. It's an interesting take on the tale.
I have to admit this story is right up my ally. Anyone that loves myths, lore, paranormal will fall in love by chapter two! Chax De Luca is a hard butt. It's clear that while his methods are effective, they're rather harsh. I won't if he's ever lost any of his trainees to death honestly. It's a wonder no one really likes him.
Kas' harmones are certainly in overdrive throughout this entire book. I imagine it has a lot to do with the whole rules that were enforced before she was returned to her true home.
This story definitely covers the array of the snap emotion an adolescent female goes through. Kas definitely comes into her own very quickly in the story, much to everyone else's dismay. She isn't as weak as not only they but she herself thought her to be.
There are a few things that left me wondering though. A major loophole in the story is why Chax and the fallen hate Kas when they first spot her. It would be an abvious assumption that Caim told his brother all the events that preceeded his release, but they hated her before even noticing Max and the others. Perhaps the author will seal that loophole in the next installment.
All in all this book kept up well past my bedtime as I had to finish it. That in my eyes is a good thing.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws based on the originality of the story and the way it can hold its audience, though I would suggest the author pay just a little more attention on their spelling, or hire a better editor.


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