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Don't Kill Dinner (The Rules, #1) - Jennifer Martinez This has to be one of the quirkiest books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I found myself either smiling or outright giggling at a lot of the sarcastic remarks Kenna made. And Arthur was simply priceless as he threw the sarcasm right back.
I did find a couple of what I like to call "Lost in the moment" errors, but nothing that will slow the reader down at all. Just a simple missing apostrophe here or a missing letter on the word thought there. Nothing world ending.
The story is very unique as this is truly the first vampire themed book I've ever read where the vampires have rules that include "Don't Kill Dinner" which is the number one rule they live by.
The story is very well written and it will definitely catch the reader and not let go. There's tons of fast paced action..And Jennifer has managed to create a creature I had never heard of coming in male form at all.
I absolutely loved this story and I need my Kenna fix.... Suddenly crackheads on flowers makes a whole lot more sense!
I give this book 5 of 5 paws