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Child of the Sacred Earth (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada #2) - Alicia Michaels This story was even better than Daughter of the Read Dawn!
We are greeted by many old "friends" and meet some new ones on this new adventure. The story was a bit more emotional in feel than Daughter of the Red Dawn was. Here we not only have our found princess, but 3 small orphans she cares for as well.
The under currents of this story are sad, but there's plenty of moments that will make the reader smile, a few that will make the reader sad, and a couple that will make the reader angry.
Eranna is at it again, this time her target is the Dwarf city under the boarder of Mollac. Jocelyn, the younger daughter of Mollac gains some invaluable allies including our Damu princess friend Eladria and her husband Titus. Rothatin's attitude takes on some strange twists in this one that will surprise the reader. But nothing will surprise the reader more than Jocelyn's story which is splashed through the entire book with a twist so drastic the reader will be slack jawed for awhile.
This is a great installment to this series, and I truly look forward to the third installment which if I'm not mistaken is where we'll meet our underwater princess from the Kingdom of Zenun.
Keep up the amazing stories Alicia!
I give this book 5 of 5 paws