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Good Ghost Gone Bad - Janiera Eldridge To get the technicalities out of the way, There's some structure issues and I did spot a number of small wrong word errors. Nothing to detrimental, they are just there.
The story itself if very interesting and will definitely make the reader reconsider a few things in their own lives, especially when it comes to how they treat others for whatever reason, and things they could have done to given a different outlook to something that happened.
Brianna was murdered in cold blood for absolutely no reason. She quickly discovered she isn't the only one the sick prick killed, though by some of their stories, hers was quick and less mortifying then theirs had been.
I liked how this story was told. Brianna has been pretty much talking to god only knows what to tell her story. It's a very sad story, but not as sad as a few of the other ghosts' stories. There's some spectral romance brewing and some grisly things as well. A little something for everyone!
Janiera has definitely grasped the absolute fear we all face with daily as well as the questions and what ifs we ask ourselves a lot too.
I loved how the characters while ghosts still held on to the emotions they had and banded together to help each other out. I hope there will be another book.. One that perhaps delves into how Melissa died.
I give this book 4 of 5 paws


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