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Angelstone (Dark Angel, #2) - Hanna Peach Angelstone begins with Alyx and Israel in Tara. It's a tad more intense then Angelfire. The emotions that seemingly just run amok in this book are felt in every instance by the reader.
I particular liked the scenes in the dreamscape. Alyx's fear of Michael rolls off her in wave after wave and every bit of that fear latches onto the reader. Just like with Angelfire, the reader will easily forget that they are not part of the story.
Jordan, Alyx, and even Passar have some very strong emotional sway in this book. I found their emotions and scenes were a bit easier to follow this time around than Israel's.
As with book one, book's two descriptions are up to par, the reader will flawlessly slide in and out of each scene seamlessly.
This one definitely has a higher emotion rate, and if the reader is one of those who emerces themselves into a book with everything they are, there will definitely be some anger and tears as tears.
I without a doubt await Angelsong book 3 in this series.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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