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Dreamz - A.R. Von This story takes place before Wunder. This one focuses more on the zombie infestation and how Wunder trains with her teams to eliminate the infected.
It definitely gives you a bit more insite on Wunder, and you learn things about her that you didn't get a chance to in book one. Here is where Wunder and Pete first meet.. Even if they don't officially meet until book one.
One nice change about this prequel is you not only get into Wunder's head.. but you get a taste of Pete's as well.
I wonder if book two if the reason Wunder and Pete were sharing dreams before they met will be explained, after all I'm sure both are just as curious about it as any one that reads this book will be.
As this is a short I really can't speak anymore on it without giving anything away. I do look forward to book two in the series though.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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